Why Can’t I Fill My Car?


So my lovely other half asked me the other day after popping into the petrol station and putting fuel in my car why I never fill it up. He did this purely for practical reasons because by filling my car I actually wouldn’t have to put fuel in it as often.

However, I have a large 4×4 car which has a massive fuel tank. And although I appreciate it would be good to fill my car, I physically am just not able to at this time. Since having chemotherapy, my hands are often numb on a variable scale of severity, and the muscles like many muscles in my body struggle with endurance. In particular if I try to hold any grip for any period of time at present this causes me and pain and discomfort.

So what follows is my attempt at a witty and rhetorical poem about why I don’t fill my car. (Written in pure love and humour for my other half)


Why can’t I fill my car you ask?
Is it just that you can’t be arsed.
Or maybe there is more hiding behind this task,
Why can’t you fill your car you ask?

Well I try hard to hold it as long as I can,
But my hands, well they are not a fan.
They begin to burn and go weak at the seams,
And I can’t hold it anymore, not by any means.

You see my finger tips well they fill numb,
And sometimes there’s pain in the joints of my thumb.
And so when I grip down to hold something tight,
Well the muscles they begin to fight.

Sometimes I wakeup and I cant use a knife,
Sometimes I wake up and my hands are all full of life.
Somedays they are so fat I can’t remove my ring,
It’s a Russian roulette what the day will bring.

So this is why I can’t fill my car as you asked,
It’s not because I can’t be arsed.
I’ll work on getting more in each time I do the task,
But feel free to fill my car without being asked. 😉

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