Stem Cell Transplant and Donor Statistics

This page shares information (as of July 2019) regarding Stem Cell Transplants and Donor Statistics

United Kingdom Stats: 

  • Every year 2000 people require a stem cell transplant from a donor
  • 25-30% will receive a transplant from a relation
  • 70-75% will require a unrelated donor transplant
  • 1500 patients require a stem cell donation from an unrelated donor
  • Only 2% of the UK are on the UK stem cell donor transplant

World Statistics: 

  • 70% of registered donors are Caucasian, but 88% of the world population are not
  • Over 34 million donors registered across 53 countries
  • This equates to only 0.4% of worldwide population
  • Over 770,000 cord blood donations have been given