International Stem Cell Register Links

This website is based within the UK and as such the information held relates to the sites where UK residents can register and access information regarding UK stem cell transplants.

However, many countries have their own registers, and they will often anonymously share details when looking for a potential match.  Below are links to the organisations in the countries that people who have accessed my blog come from to support them in exploring or engaging their friends and family to consider joining their national stem cell register.

Germany – DKMS


Poland – DKMS

Chile – DKMS

India – DKMS and  DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Register

New Zealand  – NZ Bone Marrow Donor Register

Australia – Australian Bone Marrow Donor Register

Canada – Canadian Blood Services

Malaysia – Malaysian Stem Cell Registry

Ireland – Irish Blood Transfusion Service

Italy – Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry

Portugal – Portuguese Bone Marrow Donors Register

France – Agency de la Biomedicine 

Norway- Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Registry


For other countries can visit Swab the world to help locate your countries register