Superhero Anniversary Campaign

The month of July marks a number of one year anniversaries for me including finishing chemotherapy and being told that the lymphoma had gone.

To mark this I want to support others in my position who have not been as fortunate as me, in the hope that they may be in the future.  So I am launching my Superhero Anniversary Campaign.

Can you be a superhero? 

Christmas 2017 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of Blood Cancer.  I underwent 7 months of ABVD Chemotherapy which successfully put me into remission, which is where I currently remain.  However, for some people this line of treatment isn’t effective or they relapse at a later date.  For these individuals, chemotherapy and stem cell transplant is required to help them beat their blood cancer.  For some this comes from their own stem cells (autologous stem cell transplant) and for some donor stem cells are required (allogenic stem cell transplant) 

My main treatment consisted of 12 sessions of chemotherapy, and 3 PICC lines to enable drug administration.  As such my Superhero Anniversary Challenge is to get 15 people (at least) to mark each of the key treatments that I received a year ago to register and join the stem cell donor register to help others in worse position then myself with blood cancer. 

The threat of relapse is a constant thought running through my mind.  I can’t imagine how it would be to be waiting for a donor match in the event that one was required, and I hope that it is something that I never have to experience.  

Can you be a Superhero and join the Stem Cell Donor Register?  

Over the course of June, I will be uploading information and support videos to my Facebook and Instagram accounts to provide information to any of my followers who may be interested in joining the register.  I will share links on my website to the main sites for information and to register online.

The process to register is simple.  You complete the online eligibility form to ensure that you would be a suitable candidate, this consists of 5 simple questions and is quick to complete.  If you meet the inclusion criteria to join the register, you provide your details and a cheek swab set is sent to you.  A quick swab of the inside of your cheek using the given swab brush and send it back.  The key thing in registering is that you must understand what is entailed in donating stem cells in the event that you are a match, as should you match with someone, and then change your mind at the last minute this could be extremely detrimental for the individual needing your stem cells.  The links below can be clicked on to link to the main organisations that support stem cell donation.

If you are between 18 and 55 and in pretty good health (see medical exemptions) and feel that in the event of a match you would be able to undertake the stem cell donor transplant procedure, then please check eligibility and sign up here.

If this campaign motivates you to do so, please email or DM me so that I can add you to my Superhero list!!

Stem Cell Register Organisations: 


Superhero Anniversary Campaign Information and Resources

Who is Eligible to join the Stem Cell Register? 

Stem Cell Donation Procedures

Stem Cell Transplant Statistics

International Stem |Cell Register Links


N:B; This campaign is merely an awareness campaign to support people in understanding about Stem Cell donation.  In the event of individuals registering, the author is by no means liable for anything that occurs.  All individuals  must be of sound mind, and able to make decision of their own freewill and in an informed manner.