Lymphoma Awareness Month – September 2018

Welcome to my page dedicated to trying to increase awareness of lymphoma and its signs and symptoms.

September 2018 is lymphoma awareness month, represented by a lime green ribbon.  To mark this, on my Instagram (kellymylymphoma) and Facebook (mylymphoma) accounts, I am running a #helpwithlymphomaawarenessmonth challenge.

For each day in September, participants will share a fact about lymphoma in combination with a fun (often loosely) linked picture.  There is no prize, or reward, just the knowledge that you are helping raise awareness and supporting others to gain understanding about the condition.  5 people a day are diagnosed with lymphoma, and all too often, due to its presentation, people experience symptoms for considerable period of time before they are diagnosed.  My road to diagnosis is mirrored time and time again, but by raising awareness and knowledge of lymphoma we can support people in knowing and learning about their bodies so when there is a problem they are able to feel secure in reaching out to healthcare professionals to find out what is wrong.

So join us and follow the hashtag on Instagram, and I look forward to seeing all your posts and interpretation.  Thank you in advance for joining and helping to raise awareness.