Tribute to my Aunt

Sadly today this world said goodbye to my auntie. For a long time she has tried to fend off the assault of cancer but now she is once again free of it.

It is a cruel disease that at the moment I feel is surrounding me at every turn. But today isn’t about me, it’s about her. This poem is for you 💖

A Tribute To My Aunt

Another Angel in the sky,
Free to fly nice and high.
Another star will shine tonight,
Lighting up the sky fiercely bright.
Re-joining those that have gone before,
They will be waiting for you at the door.

I look out and see the darkness and the rain,
But this is behind you along with the pain,
Where you now are is full of light,
No longer do you need to fight.
Forever you will be protected and warm,
Shielded from any future storm.

Your spirit will live on amongst us all,
And memories we shall have to recall.
You were loved by many I hope you know,
Tears will be shed and we shall let them flow.
Run free once more and have everything you want,
I love you; my dearest aunt.


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