Mental Health after Cancer

This week starting 18th May 2020 is Mental Health Awareness week.  As such I thought that maybe this would make a good time to start to share some of the issues I have been experiencing in recent months in relation to my mental health after cancer.  Something up until now I have definitely not been ready to share. 

Why you may ask, when have shared so much to date? In all honestly it is probably a combination of fear around the stigma attached to mental health issues, inparticular potential professional impact sharing may have, and the fact that it has taken me considerable time (and therapy) to actually believe that my diagnosis is the truth and that this has actually happened to me.  However, when I started this account and blog I started it with the aim to help others like me, to help others that were going through cancer, in particularly lymphoma and not knowing anyone else with which to share and understand the experience.  By sharing my story I hoped to help others not feel so alone in what they were experiencing and also to see that recovery isn’t a linear line. There are many bumps in the road. 

So hear goes………

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