A Tribute to my Uncle

Sadly today, 22nd December 2018, we said goodbye to my uncle who had suffered with dementia for many years.  He is now reunited with my auntie, who also recently passed.  This is a tribute poem to him.


Once again we have to say goodbye,
As another soul has to fly.
But with your love you will unite,
And now you don’t have to fight.

Fight to remember the days gone by,
Fight to remember people and identify.
Fight to find the words to say,
Fight to remember the way.

Once more you are you as we all recall,
Being the joker of the ball.
With the glint shining bright in your eye,
You would give a little wink and your humour would magnify.

Run once more amongst the stars,
Your body will no longer hold you back behind the bars.
Go now and rest in peace,
From your ever-loving niece.