Lemon and Honey Tea

This is a defeinte favorite when I feel like I have no taste buds in existence. It is also a great one if you have a young child like me who wants to join you in enjoying a cup of tea, but not quite ready for the real thing.

I use a third of a lemon squeezed into a mug with about 1/2 teaspoon of honey and then just add hot water. I will often add some cold too so that it is at drinking termperature earlier. Give it a good stir to ensure that the honey dissolves and enjoy.


Made by coca-cola and inevtiably as a soft drink the sugar content may not be too everyones taste. I enjoy this one particuarly at special occasions, where maybe wine is the other offering.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea I have found useful not only as a flavour for a tasty drink but also as a natural strategy to help manage post-chemo sickness. There are numerous different makers of teabags available at local supermarkets. I like to add a half teaspoon of sugar to balance the taste for myself, but it isn’t neccessary.

Lemon or Orange Water

Citrus water using either orange or lemon slices can be really refreshing cleanser. I like to slice up and orange or a lemon and place it in a bottle of water in the fridge, and then pour drinks from that over the course of the day.