Everyone Needs Angels

Cancer unfolds in so many ways,

And can engulf you like a summer haze,

But through the trauma you can find a glimer,

Of beauty like when the sun begins to dimer.


My cancer is hidden away from sight,

But that doesn’t mean I have had less of a fight,

I may not have a scar, or a visible loss .

The damage is present, but hidden and cross.


It’s a rollercoaster ride, thats not much fun,

One that you want to get off and quickly run,

But happiness still comes thanks to those that you love,

Encasing you snuggly like a well fitting glove.


But like a Phoenix in the night,

I will rise up, all full of light,

I will love, and live and be true to all,

Who have given me support and caught me when I fall.


So to them I say thank you for helping me through,

Without you this journey I could not do.

Like angels picking me up and giving me a lift,

Your my greatest joy and ultimate gift.



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